Sunday, July 29, 2012

You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore

Once again I am probably butchering the quote, but remember English is not my first language which entitles me every now and again make up my own quotes and sayings J.

We spend our lives asking ourselves ‘what ifs’, regardless of what decision we make when a choice is prompted at some point in our lives we ask ourselves how would things be if we would have chosen the ‘other’ path.
Four years ago when our daughter Nora was borne we made the best decision of our lives at the time. Having been a nanny myself and not having family close by (other than my sister), the idea of having some stranger taking care of our kids was just far from realistic. We had interviewed people but I always had an issue, we finally narrowed it down but at the end of the day I knew I could not find anybody who met my requirements because they weren’t me.
At that point we decided I was going to quit working. Having a full time job, a husband and kids just didn’t seem as what I wanted/needed anymore. As most moms I’ve always wanted to make sure my kids had good values and didn’t want to look back and regret missing the toddler years.
I have told myself multiple times during those four years that eventually I would go back to work, but I wanted to wait until Nora started Kindergarten. Long story short, Nora has one more year to go until she starts K BUT an opportunity came by that I thought it would be silly not to consider.
After much thought and weighing in the pros and cons, Sami and I decided I should give it a try.  Tomorrow will be my first day back at work. Much different than my corporate America days but I am very hopeful it will be something I will really enjoy. I have joined the staff at a local school (5 miles from home) where I will be teaching Spanish and will be the head coach for their swim team. I am not sure there is any other job posting that would fit me any better than this one.
I would lie if I said I am not nervous, I have never been one person to be scared of change. I tend to do well with change in my life, I am also one to think (as much as Sami hates me saying this) that things happened for a reason. I might not know what the reason is at times, but I am confident that I was ‘meant’ to do this.
As I look forward to the next three months I see lots of early morning workouts, long weekends of training and times when I will question if I made the right choice given the fact that I have an IM in November, but I have seen so many people who does just that. Full time parents, full time workers, full time triathletes or maybe I should call ‘us’ weekend warriors.
I am ready to face the next challenge and I am sure that with determination, hard work and lots of caffeine I will still cross that finish line coming November.

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